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    According to reports , CTFE " one-stop" service -style exhibition mode is still rare in the country , it is the pattern of previous exhibition a bold breakthrough.Europe closer distance from the five countries of the Maghreb (Libya , Algeria , Mauritania , Morocco and Tunisia ) , although its short delivery time, quality and security, quick reaction, understand fashion , but regional political instability, inability to or rarely able to undertake the production of textiles upstream .After a personal association is finished, it will be relatively macroscopic Jidao door too , about the culture of the door , the door of the family , about friends and social relationships door , about class and personal image of the door , and so on . Authentic Po -scale breakthrough 250 billion balance various " classes balance treasure" product after another, all have it worthwhile , but the balance of treasure data to a comeback , not so easy to rob customers .The second is that he participated in the activities of the brand experience and experience , often personally experienced a good brand activities will give consumers a lifetime of memories.

    In Sina and Tencent strong, Deng Feng finally chose the " beat Tencent, Tencent will sell ," he somewhat reluctantly , "Selecting and Tencent cooperation , because they are too strong position impact the happy network .Rumor called " development plan by the end of the luxury department store famous 3-5 home " after the staff found to be not proven true, but the rumors and the company steady pace of development , is also out of tune , currently only 5 Cui Wei shares no longer stores open several stores in such a short time .In addition, the Chinese business leaders in the international level is also low compared with foreign enterprises .if the regulation and inspection of food safety as well. Again , the Chinese enterprises in the international brand recognition to their size do not match.The idea that the challenge is to limit sale , brand resources sustainability of businesses transfusion , the presence of high sustained only product will push mode .

    "Now the worry is not the business orders , but the profit problem .Compared with the previous pace of development , plug in the wings of the capital shares will go into the development of high-speed Cui Wei Road .The IT information technology and retail combined to achieve fine management through IT construction , improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs is the consensus of many retail businesses .CTR Market Research yesterday released 2005 China retail channels findings in Shanghai , the French retailer Carrefour with 4.

    , they might be one of the factors to consider when you choose , at least do not let them have criticized .If this display really make people feel funny , they will tell friends and family , these people will come to see, in the end what people are so interested .Demand growth market segments prompted many sellers become another shop network providers, making more goods and individuals to participate in e-commerce in the past.Seven princess responsible person, in 2012 electricity providers encounter the so-called " cold market ", which is only an increase of online shopping brings larger base of slowing , he thinks as long as the good , including the supply chain, service , marketing and other aspects of precision , for clothing electricity suppliers who may have been in the warm season . How much is the Then twice in rapid iterations progressive way to highlight features, allowing users to get beyond the expected experience to achieve the outbreak technical points ., which owns the STEVE VIVIAN womens brands , recently a good development .

    Core Tip:Luxury has always been one of the most prominent signs displayed the rich and upstart generous degree , and now it is beginning to turn a low profile."80" after the potential expansion of consumer spending power and the desire to make the business more and more attention to this group . How much is the COACH attempts from a certain level to reflect , in the current Chinese market , combining luxury and electricity supplier s model is not dissonant.In fact , people do not need to see the whole model , we can understand what it is like clothing .

    Dangdang tail current supplier for goods exchange , Lynx brand sale results are still in the sidelines .It quoted the vice president of Tin Man Unilever China, as saying : "According to " anti-monopoly law "requirement , there can be cooperation and exchanges between competitors in the market , competitors are not even allowed to meet impossible for us to join hands together to lift high price .Yesterday, Thailand s Chia Tai Group Lotus announced that the branch transfer and purchase of shares of mutual cooperation agreement announced earlier Wumart has expired , the two sides failed to make progress on the major terms of the transaction , the Subscription will not proceed .It is worth noting that this is from the White Fosun Group Yuyuan 11 years, holdings of listed companies for the first time . How much is the MERCOSUR make up the short board according to Yap , chief retail analyst Liu Hui believes that the scale of operation compared to the PCD , Wangfujing International leading the acquisition can be said to be " strong swallow the weak .

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